Saturday, September 11, 2010


It has been awhile, and I am getting really behind in these posts. Between school, moving and Cooper my days just seemed to slip away. I have completed my summer courses and I took my CNA test and PASSED! So I am officially a CNA, and now on to get my RN.

Since the last post I have moved. We are now in Libertyville and just a cul-de-sac over from my sister, so it is great to be so close. Now the boys get to see each other all the time. As they get older they actually play together instead of just sit together and it is so fun to see. We love our new home, we LOVE the neighborhood, and even more Kona loves the neighborhood. There is an open field just a block away, and Kona can run through that for hours. Needless to say, we are very happy where we are, and so glad we made the move!

Cooper just keeps getting older and cuter. He is now 10 months old and walking. He has been walking since he was 9 months old, but he is so much better at it now and it is way too cute! He has such a personality and has us cracking up ALL the time. I can't get enough of him! He also does "So Big"... which I think is one of the most adorable things kids do. He just learned it recently so out of the blue he will throw his hands up and start laughing waiting for me to say "So Big". Again, my little clown making jokes.

We also, started a Gymboree class so Cooper could have some friends his age instead of just mommy and daddy. He absolutely loves the class. He can't get enough of the music and all the monkeying around. Cooper learned how to say hello and goodbye with his hands. Now whenever we see people when we are out, he puts his hands out and opens and closes them both to say hi. I might be biased but he is way too adorable! He is learning something new everyday, and I love watching him discover. Like when he realized, after he has used Kona to step onto the couch, that if he turns around and puts his feet down first, he can get down. My little genius.

Anyway, I can go on for hours talking about him... I have become one of those parents, but what can I say he is the best! So I will shut up, and hopefully I can keep up with my blog and not wait 4 months to post again! Until next time...!

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